Companies and Innovation

In order to meet growing demands for energy efficiency and sustainable development, OaseTECH has been committed to introducing, developing and producing high-quality and innovative products that are widely applied in air-conditioning, heat, power, petrochemicals, automobile, steel, aviation, aerospace, pharmaceutics as well as maritime, etc.. 

OaseTECH has always adhered to values of responsibility, excellence, progress and sharing, which include fearless fulfilling social responsibilities, striving for excellence to achieve best performance, a commitment to innovation as well as sharing corporate wealth with society, customers as well as employees. OaseTECH will be dedicated to the mission that is to provide the best fluid solutions, to serve clients, to be based on innovation and to lead the future of fluid technology.

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    • Values

      “Responsibility, excellence, progress and sharing” are core values of OaseTECH.

    • Social Responsibility

      Responsibility, adhere to business ethics and occupation, fulfill social responsibility.

    • Research and Innovation

      Committed to innovation, carry out innovation activities, to create sustainable value for the company.

  • System Application

    The efficiency of heating system or production lines is contingent upon efficient and reliable operation of boilers. Thus, OaseTECH is committed to developing complete solutions for steam, hot water as well as hot oil boilers so that the boiler will keep performing well even under extremely harsh conditions.

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  • Industry Users

    From its beginning as the “Professional Supplier in Fluid Control Technology”, Shanghai OaseTECH Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd., a joint-venture company registered in Shanghai of China, is specialized in providing products and solutions including water treatment equipment, HVAC equipment, valves and related mechanical and electrical products are applicable to various industries and widely applied to relevant projects such as BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd., ZF (China) Investment Co.Ltd., Disneyland of Shanghai, Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai, Bayer Technology and Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Roche Pharmaceutical Ltd., Beijing District Heating Group and so on. Effectively save energy, solve hydraulic balance problems and extend equipment service life.

    The OaseTECH people adhere to innovation culture, emphasize on quality, pursuit development and head for being the head-wild goose in fluid control area.

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