In order to meet growing demands for energy efficiency and sustainable development, OaseTECH has been committed to introducing, developing and producing high-quality and innovative products that are widely applied in air-conditioning, heat, power, petrochemicals, automobile, steel, aviation, aerospace, pharmaceutics as well as maritime, etc.. 

OaseTECH has always adhered to values of responsibility, excellence, Innovation-creating, which include fearless fulfilling social responsibilities, striving for excellence to achieve best performance, a commitment to innovation as well as sharing corporate wealth with society, customers as well as employees. OaseTECH will be dedicated to the mission that is to provide the best fluid solutions, to serve clients, to be based on innovation and to lead the future of fluid technology.

OaseTECH has been playing a leading role for many years, and has made a great contribution to energy savings and sustainability in China with innovative and high-quality products and services. Nowadays, OaseTECHs businesses in China center on energy control, hydraulic regulation as well as energy efficiency optimization, and branch companies have been set up in many cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing.

In 2015, it was announced by OaseTECH that an advanced robotic automation production site will be invested and established in Shanghai so that China and other countries will be better served. OaseTECHs R&D center in Shanghai covers various related areas ranging from basic materials research and 3D modeling simulation to energy efficiency evaluation platform and controlling network integration, which will accelerate R&D of innovative products and facilitate the growth of innovative economy in China. 

OaseTECH is concerned with China’s development and growth, and is committed to becoming an excellent corporate citizen. OaseTECH takes an active part in various social activities, helps to facilitate the poverty alleviation and construction of Hope Primary Schools and is honored to become a partner of “MAITIAN EDUCATION FOUNDATION” and website of Shanghai Charity Foundation. 

OaseTECH will unremittingly provide full supports for industry development and make more contributions to promoting chinese economy with innovative technologies and excellent solutions.