Water Make-up Device

The water make-up device can not only solve deficient pressure of waterhead used for compensation in open systems such as domestic water supply, but also can be used in combination with pressure expansion tank for pressure-stabilized water compensation for closed systems such as heating or refrigerating


Stable control of system pressure;

Full automatic control, and convenient installation;

One-piece design and small footprint;

Water pumps can be protected effectively from frequent start and stop, thus energy is saved;

Can be custom-built for different control needs so as to meet needs of users to the greatest extent.


Suitable for domestic water supply of constant pressure for inns, hotels, apartments and residential houses;

Suitable for water fill of constant pressure in heating, domestic hot water, utilization of terrestrial heat, centralized heating by the power plant, regional heating by boilers, ice storage air-conditioning as well as refrigerating and heat exchange systems;

Suitable for power, petrochemicals, ferrous metallurgy, paper-making, textile, food processing, aerospace, maritime, automobile, domestic heating (refrigerating) as well as agriculture, etc..