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Contractual energy management mechanism means that we and the energy user agree on the energy conservation target of the energy conservation project in the form of a contract. In order to achieve the energy conservation target, we provide the energy user with the necessary system transformation and upgrading, operation and maintenance schemes, etc. The energy saving service mechanism that pays our input and reasonable profit with energy saving benefit from energy saving unit (in essence, it is an energy saving business mode that pays the entire cost of energy saving project with reduced energy cost).

Energy-saving benefit sharing type:

The cost of the energy saving renovation project shall be jointly borne by both parties as agreed, and both parties shall share the energy saving income in accordance with the agreed proportion during the contract period.

Energy cost custodian type:

We will fund the energy saving transformation and operation management of the energy system, and pay the energy cost of the energy system to us as agreed by both parties, and the energy cost saved by the system will be attributed to us.

Energy saving guarantee type:

Energy users invest in energy saving transformation, we provide energy saving services and promise to guarantee energy saving benefits, after the completion of the project to achieve the promised energy saving benefits, the user once Or pay the service fee to us in installments.

Finance lease type:

The financing company invests in our energy saving system engineering and services, and leases them to users. We are responsible for the transformation of users' energy system.

EMC Contract Energy management benefits

1. Users have no funds and technical risks

2.High energy saving efficiency after system transformation

3.Improve cash flow per unit of energy use

4.Improve the quality of energy system operation and management

5.Short investment recovery period

6.Energy saving equipment at the end of the contract, and all profits belong to the user

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