Heat exchanger

The heat exchanger provides solutions for heating, regional heat supply, refrigeration, air-conditioning as well as solar energy, and is committed to energy control of the system in order to improve efficiency of energy utilization and heat exchange.


Suitable for gas and non viscous liquids (except for ammonia and water);

Temperature difference as low as 1 degrees Celsius,it can still run;

Compact structure, all joints surrounding plates made by vacuum brazing, plates without gasket seal;

The corrugated surface of the heat exchanger is designed to use medium to form turbulent flow and to improve the heat transfer coefficient;

Coupled with uniform flow and turbulent flow can eliminate dead angle, prevent scaling;

Stock with stainless steel, titanium or other special alloy by brazing, in order to meet different process requirements;

High efficiency heat transfer, reduce investment, operation, maintenance and other expenses;

The heat transfer and pressure drop can be regulated by conventional counter current mode or mixed flow mode.