Research and Innovation

Our vision is to improve energy efficiency, optimize industrial production and create green future. 

Starting from energy savings and emission reduction, as well as sustainable development that are urgent for solutions in China and targeting at energy carrying circulation water in the research, we give a full play to our global resources and rich experiences in heat exchange control, pressure control, flow balance, gas treatment as well as dirt treatment, etc. to realize our vision. In future, our system solutions, equipment and relevant auxiliary products will exert a positive impact on energy savings and emission reduction, and sustainable development in China.

We are fully aware that such a great goal cannot be met by ourselves, so we widely recruit talents, and further our partnership with global research and energy savings institutes by taking full use of increasingly superior innovation environment to promotion innovation process. The complete R&D network established by us enables the contact with universities, research institutes as well as industry experts. Our sales networks are used to bring OaseTECH’s innovative products to the world. 

Our innovation partners include UQ, Floth, Airah, EEC, IESC, HV&AV as well as CDHA (Logos)

    • UQ

    • Airah

    • EEC

    • Floth

    • HV&AC

    •  IESC