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Cold storage system

The cold storage system is mainly composed of water storage and ice storage with water cycle as the medium. The two technical schemes have the characteristics of peak cutting and valley filling and power load balancing. By taking advantage of the difference in electricity price between peak and valley, the cold capacity produced by electric refrigerating machine is stored in water/ice during the low electricity price period, which can effectively reduce the installed capacity of air conditioning system. To achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

The ice storage system has the advantages of good isotherm and high density of cold storage, so it occupies a small space, but the initial investment and later maintenance cost are slightly higher.

Water cold storage is sensible heat cold storage mode, the actual use of water supply and return temperature difference is 5~11℃, the density of cold storage is small, water cold storage tank volume is correspondingly large, occupy a large space. The advantage of the system is that the initial investment is low and the later maintenance is simple.

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