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System Solutions

Industrial process cooling system

The cooling process system of hydrogen fuel cell reactor is mainly composed of cooling source, transmission system, heat exchanger, hydrogen fuel cell reactor and other auxiliary components. Through the precise control of intelligent control and regulation system, the accuracy of the water temperature of the output cold source should be ensured to reach ±1℃, so as to ensure the safe operation of the hydrogen fuel reactor. Sensitivity has the most sophisticated quality requirements.

Engine test platform cooling + heat recovery system. In some specific test platforms, the cooling system needs to be preheated by external heat source in the early stage to achieve the best test state. After the test platform enters the running state, the engine will produce a large amount of waste heat, which needs to be dissipated by the cooling system. According to the characteristics of the system, a set of comprehensive cooling + heat recovery system emerges at the moment. Through the intermediate heat exchanger supporting circulation control system, the initial temperature rise preheating and late waste heat recovery heating, excess heat through the external cooling tower heat dissipation, is a set of multifunctional energy management system.

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