“Responsibility, Excellence, Creative and Sharing” are core values of OaseTECH.

Responsibility-adherence to business and professional ethics and dedication to social responsibilities;

Creating for Excellence: to achieve best performance;

Creating sustainable value for the company by launching innovative activities; ;

Making contribution to society and sharing corporate wealth with clients, suppliers as well as employees.

We have been dedicated to becoming a socially responsible company. The achievement of excellent environmental, healthy and safe management through continuous improvement is our top priority.

Our innovative products and solutions have always been committed to protecting global environment and human health no matter in the past, at present and in the future. Ensuring employee’s health and safety at work site is part of our core cultures.

We design, develop, produce and sell our products and services based on standards compliant with or beyond current rules and regulations.

Each employee shall comply with this policy and all applicable rules and regulations during work. Our partners are also encouraged to follow these terms and conditions.

  • Vision

    Improving energy efficiency, optimizing industrial production and creating a green future

  • Mission

    To provide best fluid system solutions, serve clients, take root in innovation and lead fluid technology.

  • Principle

    Integrity Innovation Talents Safety

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