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Distributed heating system

Distributed heating system is a kind of miniature central heating mode, which can be tailored for the project according to the heat demand of the project and the surrounding power and gas resources, provide a short distance and small range of heating pipe network, to ensure the safe and sufficient heat supply.

The quality of distributed heating system is more reliable than that of traditional pipe network municipal central heating system. The distributed heat source station is usually built near the end user, and the transmission distance of the pipe network is short, which can fully guarantee the heat balance of each individual building and ensure the heating quality of the user.

The heat source and distribution network of distributed heating system are built independently, and the heating supply is stable and reliable, and the regulation is more flexible. The heating period can be flexibly adjusted according to the daily weather conditions, but also according to the needs of the owner in advance or extend the heating period, fully meet the personalized needs of heat users.

Distributed heating systems are especially suitable for areas that have heating needs but do not have urban district heating, but also for high-end projects that have special requirements for heating quality, safety, and heating cycle.

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