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EaaS (Equipment as a Service) is a business model in which we lease the Equipment to the demander and maintain the availability of the Equipment through remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. In short, the equipment is not sold to the user, but according to the use of the form of billing period, and we promise to take charge of the maintenance of the equipment.

Cash flow maximization:

The user disperses according to the use time to invest gradually, reduces the one-time ahead of time capital investment.

Debt-to-equity minimization:

The user leverage ratio will be lower.

Faster technology upgrades:

Flexible lease terms allow for faster equipment upgrades.

Adapt to the rapid expansion of users:

Users are not limited by no permanent staff or because of the flexibility of finance, can be in the remote fast access to equipment and services.

Positive cash flow:

Faster project inputs can generate faster returns for users.

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