OaseTECH’s Responsibilities

First of all, we shall be responsible to clients, system experts as well as all those who use our products and services. Everything we do shall be high-quality to meet their needs. We shall take unremitting efforts to lower the costs so that our price can keep moderate. The goods ordered by clients shall be delivered quickly and accurately. Our sales agencies shall have the opportunity to make considerable profits.

We are responsible to our employees, and each of whom shall be considered as an independent individual. We shall respect their personality and recognize their merits and value. They deserve occupational security and a sense of security to a certain degree. The salary and benefits shall be fair and enough, and work site be clean, tidy and safe. All employees (including labors from third parties) shall have the freedom to raise suggestions and criticism. All qualified employees shall have completely equal opportunities for occupation, personal development as well as promotion. We shall have qualified managers who shall act in a fair and compliant way.

We are responsible to our suppliers. The production processes that are compliant with code of ethics and responsible for the environment are necessary for developing truly excellent products. We continuously improve codes of conduct for suppliers in order to establish a working environment that is safer and more compliant with code of ethics. We require suppliers to always treat workers with fairness and ethics. We require our suppliers to follow strict environmental standards in their products and manufacturing processes. Suppliers should also make a reasonable profit from our supply chain.

We are responsible to society and world. We shall abide by laws, support good deeds and undertake our tax obligations. We shall take uttermost efforts to improve energy efficiency standards and sustainable development. We also shall have our assets well managed, and at the same time protect environment and natural resources.

Last but not least, we shall also responsible to our shareholders. Our businesses shall yield reasonable profits. We shall experiment new management concepts, carry out technological research, launch innovation activities, learn from the mistake and make better leaps. In addition, equipment shall be updated, and buildings and facilities renovated and newly established so that better products will be launched into the market. The shareholders shall reap necessary investment yields when the company is managed based upon above principles.

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