OT Spiral Filter Technology

OT Spiral filter technology

Compared to traditional filter, OT spiral filter is free of high pressure drop, high maintenance and limited applications. OT spiral filter’s pressure drop is only one fifth as much as that of traditional products. The minimum impurity that can be handled is less than 5µm, and no maintenance is required.

1. Low pressure drop

As being specially designed and processed, OT spiral filter makes a breakthrough in industry tradition in which the smaller the treated particle is, the larger the pressure drop is. The pressure drop can even be reduced to less than 2kPa by specially-designed OT spiral filter. 

2. Micron treatment effect

OT spiral filter revolutionizes the traditional process with its design principle. The particle of dirt smaller than 5µm and bubbles of 10µm can be removed by OT spiral filter with a design that can change the state of fluid, which makes removal of Iron oxide possible.

3. Non-absorption

The particles of dirt will not be treated with physical entrapment owing to revolutionary design of OT spiral filter, thus the passageways will not be clogged by dirt, and there will be no long-term maintenance cost.


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