• Compliance with laws

    We undertake to comply with laws unconditionally which also constitutes our responsibilities in the values. In order to highlight the importance of compliance, all critical rules of laws and essentials of company's rules and regulations are included in code of business conduct of OaseTECH. The code expounds why compliance is so important to OaseTECH, and gives guidance to employees on daily business. We wish all employees can comply with relevant laws and regulations, and company's internal rules. 

  • Code of business conduct

    Reliability, integrity, and compliance with laws in particular are indispensable for our success in business, which, as a credo, is beyond national boundaries and cultural differences, and unites all employees worldwide. Compliance is one of basic values to which we adhere. All employees are expected to strictly abide by laws at any time. Without exception, any acts of violation against laws are intolerable. In order to emphasize the importance of this rule, our position on laws and code of business ethics is outlined as code of business conduct, which will guide our employees in their acts. The guidelines outline basic rules that shall be followed by us, and will give us a guideline on how to work in an "OaseTECH-way".

  • Compliance

    Compliance refers to compliance with laws and company's rules and regulations. In other words, all conducts of business of OaseTECH and its employees shall comply with any and all applicable guidelines and directives made by the headquarter that are involved with all laws and code of business conduct. All employees are concerned by compliance as everyone will be affected directly or indirectly by acts of violation. On one hand, any violations against laws may cause criminal charges that are based on the severity of the case. On the other hand, any violations against compliance will not only impose seriously adverse impact on the company, but will also jeopardize OaseTECH's public image, which will lead to reduced business efficiency, and company's interests as a result. The compliance also concerns business relationship between OaseTECH and the third parties. OaseTECH is not willing to be involved in violations of any other parties against laws. 

  • Internal audit

    In addition to “code of business conduct ”, OaseTECH has established an enterprise compliance committee to enhance our current preventive measures and internal audits which include dual controlling principles, sensitive position rotation, strict separation between operation and monitor systems as well as regular audit. In addition, we keep contact with employees, and require them to take part in information and training programs. Hotline and email address used to report violation against compliance, and audit on each branch offices and suppliers are also included in our compliance system. 

  • Anonymous report

    Anonymous report itself will not cause any harm to an individual. In addition, evidences are also required for a charge against someone. If evidence is found owing to anonymous report, those concerned shall give a response to proven misconduct. However, if there are no facts to prove the misconduct as reported anonymously, the report will be treated as though nothing has ever happened, and those who are reported will not undertake any results. The report, in particular will not be recorded in his or her individual profile. Currently, the specific report channels are also available to our employees and the third party, and the compliance officer is also accessible. The compliance officer will ensure the report will be clarified quickly and fairly from a neutral standpoint. 

  • Compliance officer

    Compliance officer will understand the possible compliance events detailed, faithfully reported people, do not have to worry about the report due to the company's unfair treatment. Lead the investigation, collect the evidence that the court will need, bring up the litigation that may need to be the responsibility of the compliance officer. They will receive professional training and the help of experts in power. Compliance specialist must file each report and the measures taken. Once taking into account the legitimate interests of the relevant parties, the individual may be asked to report the investigation of the situation. If a survey is stopped due to lack of evidence, the employee will receive a corresponding notice if the employee is asked to show their opinions or be asked about the information during the investigation.

  • Reporting misconduct

    Any employees (including interns and consultants), externally employed staff in relation to OaseTECH (such as employees of subcontractors, or of external service suppliers), any business partners (such as suppliers, clients or partners of jointly-ventured companies), any third parties can report any situations that may cause criminal offenses (such as theft, swindle or bribes), or that are in violation of laws, or company's internal rules and regulations (such as deliberate and long-term violation against quality/safety standards), or social responsibilities.

    The hotline for compliance reporting: +86 510 87818899

    The email for compliance reporting:

    We are jointly responsible for honor of OaseTECH. The “code of business conduct”, and our values set a solid foundation for trusts from all parties, which is essential to our business.

  • Additional declaration

    Anyone who reports misconduct shall give a careful thought to following rules:

    1. Are there any signs of serious misconduct?

    2. Can these signs prove that the investigation into some affiliated companies or business partners who are possibly compliant with laws in fact, is justifiable? 

    Any reports on misconduct are generally concerned with disclosure of personal information. Accordingly, when the report is received and processed, it means the individual who reports the misconduct acknowledges that he or she is informed of relevant laws and agrees to have his or her personal information used during investigation.


    If the compliance hotline is clearly misused, such as there are totally no evidences for reported misconduct, and no formal investigation is required, and the misconduct is reported out of ill will, OaseTECH reserves the right to make a legal claim, or take disciplinary actions against the one who report the misconduct.

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