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Household energy system

The household energy system is a small regional energy center system, evolved from the distributed energy system. The primary cold and hot water generated by the energy center does not directly enter the household to participate in the indoor circulation, but through the household heat exchanger unit for heat exchange, a complete household energy system can provide summer refrigeration, winter heating, and domestic hot water all year round.

Household energy system can realize the accurate measurement of one household one table, because there is no indoor circulation, can effectively avoid the hydraulic imbalance of the system pipe network caused by improper use of users, reduce the maintenance cost of the system later. The annual comprehensive operation cost is lower than the independent installation of gas wall hanging furnace, split air conditioning cost, suitable for multi-storey residential, multi-functional residential, schools, hotels, hospitals and other places.

Regional energy centers can integrate gas-fired boilers, air-energy heat pumps, solar collectors and other energy forms. If conditions permit, they can also be configured with micro-cogeneration systems, so as to further improve the efficiency of energy steps and reduce energy use costs.

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