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OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) refers to the mode of cooperative operation and production in which we develop and manufacture products according to the requirements of the entrusting manufacturer, use the trademark of the entrusting party, and are sold or operated by the entrusting party.

Our Advantages:
1.Scale production, low cost.
2.Master core technologies, have design capabilities, and provide customized services.
3.Provide professional system integrated solutions.
4.having mature own products.
5.Advanced production equipment and rich manufacturing experience.
6.International standards and certification: ISO9001/14005/45001, TUV certificate, CE certification.

Customer benefits:
1.Save funds, reduce inventory items, and significantly increase inventory turnover rate.
2.Enhance the overall competitive advantage of the product, improve the value chain of enterprise.
3.Shorten production cycle and reliable production capacity guarantee
4.Outstanding advantages to avoid wasting resources.
5.Get a complete solution.
6.Adapt to the development of world-class brands.


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