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Green agriculture system application is to...

Green agriculture system application is to use modern science and technology to provide the most suitable growing environment for crop growth.

At present, the green agro-ecosystem is the most widely used in the artificial cultivation of edible fungi. Mushroom has special requirements on the environment in different stages. Generally, mycelium growth in early stage prefers warm environment, while fruiting body growth in late stage prefers cool environment. At the same time also need to maintain appropriate air humidity, to avoid dry environment resulting in mushroom water loss. Therefore, the air conditioning system of mushroom house needs to monitor the environment in the mushroom house in real time according to the different production stages of mushrooms, automatically adjust the temperature and humidity of the mushroom house, at the same time discharge the exhaust gas of the mushroom house and supplement the clean fresh air. It provides the most suitable temperature and humidity environment for the growth of mushroom, and guarantees the realization of fully automated crop planting base.

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