Energy-Efficient Heat Exchanger Unit

The energy-efficient heat exchanger unit is composed of plate heat exchanger, circulation pump, measuring and adjusting instrument, automatic control device, constant-pressure water compensation device, dirt-removal device, gas exhaustion device as well as required pipelines and valves, and is installed on the public base to meet various needs of users for control. 


High-efficient energy saving and low-cost operation;

Good layout, compact construction with small size and footprint, reduced investment in infrastructure;

Multiple control options for users;

Full automatic control, thus requiring no staff on duty;

Convenient installation, one-piece unit, all assembled and tested at the factory, only interfaces docking is required at the site;

Flexible configuration; the unit can be configured according to users scientifically and rationally to meet the needs of the user to the greatest extent.


Suitable for vapor/water, and water/water;

Suitable for heating, domestic hot water, utilization of terrestrial heat, centralized heat supply by the power plant, regional heating by boilers, ice storage air-conditioning as well as refrigerating and heat exchange, etc.;

Suitable for power, petrochemicals, ferrous metallurgy, paper-making, textile, food processing, aerospace, maritime, automobile as well as domestic heating (refrigerating) industries; 

Optional data models can be used to require connection with the group control system of central refrigerating units and BA system of the whole building.