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Triple power supply system

Triple supply system is a comprehensive energy solution that makes full use of energy step by step and supplies cold, heat and electricity at the same time by efficient centralized treatment of original chemical energy in the energy center. Compared with the conventional energy supply system, it can save 40% of energy by step utilization. It will help us achieve our overall goals of low carbon emission reduction, carbon peak and carbon neutrality. Applicable to industrial parks, large general hospitals, commercial complexes and other engineering projects with various forms of energy demand.

Take the triple supply system with gas as the primary energy for power generation as an example. Firstly, the high temperature heat generated by natural gas combustion is used to drive the generator to produce high-grade electric energy. During the process, the high temperature flue gas and steam generated are converted into medium temperature heat energy to supply waste heat for power generation and some industrial steam applications. Therefore, energy can be rationally used in steps to improve the efficiency of energy utilization. At the same time, part of the pollution will be dispersed and recycled to achieve moderate emission and protect the environment.

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