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Wisdom and efficient "carbon" cable development | OaseTECH attended 4th Forum of Efficient Machine Room System Construction and Operation and Maintenance


From February 28 to March 1, 2023, "The Fourth National Forum on Efficient Computer Room System Construction and Operation" was successfully held in Guangzhou, sponsored by China Academy of Building Science Co., LTD., HVAC Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance (CAHVAC) and co-organized by OaseTECH. With the theme of "Intelligent and Efficient carbon Cable Development", OaseTECH attended the forum with its high efficiency module room program and discussed the low-carbon future with technical experts in the industry.

The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Wang Dongqing, Secretary general of the HVAC Industry Technology Innovation Alliance. Mr. Xu Wei, national engineering survey and design master, President of CAHVAC, President of Building Environment and Energy Research Institute of China Academy of Building Science, Chairman of HVAC Professional Committee of Guangdong Civil and Architectural Society, and Mr. Liao Jianwei, consultant and chief engineer of Guangdong Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. delivered speeches respectively.

President Xu Wei pointed out that under the background of two-carbon strategy, energy conservation and emission reduction of cold and hot source room play an important role. From the perspective of national policy guidance, double control of energy saving and energy saving is the theme of the recent period. To achieve a higher and more energy efficient room, we should control the whole process industrial chain, make equipment energy efficiency and product quality keep up with the requirements of high energy efficiency, and make the room move from high energy saving to high efficiency and low carbon. Zero-carbon efficiency in the future.

Institute of Building Environment and Energy, China Academy of Building Science

President Xu Wei

Hvac industry Technology Innovation Alliance

Secretary-general Wang Dongqing presided over the opening ceremony

Hvac Committee of Guangdong Civil Architecture Society

Chairman Liao Jianwei

During the forum, President Xu Wei and Secretary General Wang Dongqing visited the booth of OaseTECH and had a detailed understanding of the technical application advantages of the High efficiency module room of OaseTECH.They fully recognized the innovative and practical work of OaseTECH in the field of energy in recent years.

In the background of national double-carbon strategy, it is of great significance to promote building energy-saving technology, improve the overall efficiency of energy system in the building field, and further promote building emission reduction and green development to achieve our carbon reduction goal. How to realize the design and construction of efficient system of cold and hot source machine room and complete the scientific and technological innovation of intelligent system and data-based operation and maintenance is the key to complete the low-carbon transformation of the current industry. OaseTECH High efficiency module refrigeration room is committed to the system of drag and consumption reduction, AI intelligent group control system, through continuous self-learning and analysis, real-time optimization control strategy, to achieve a significant increase in energy efficiency. OaseTECH will focus on green innovation technology as the core driving force, promote industrial green and low-carbon transformation and upgrading, and fulfill the solemn commitment of "double carbon" goal with concrete actions.

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