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Green and low carbon data integration|OaseTECH attended the sixth National Data center cooling energy saving and new technology application development Summit Forum


From March 29 to 31, "The Sixth National Data Center Cooling Energy Saving and New Technology Application Development Summit Forum" with the theme of "Green low-carbon data and intelligence Integration" was held in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province.

This conference is jointly organized by China Academy of Building Science Limited, the Leading Group of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area Computing Network National Hub Node Shaoguan Cluster, Zhongxun Post & Telecommunications Consulting & Design Institute Limited and HVAC Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance. Experts and scholars from the IDC industry around the background of dual carbon data center construction, cooling and energy-saving technology innovation and practice to share the theme, OaseTECH with data center system solutions invited to attend.

Xu Wei, national master of engineering survey and design, president of CAHVAC and president of the Institute of Building Environment and Energy of China Academy of Building Science, delivered the opening speech. Xu Wei said that the data center is the cornerstone of the development of the digital economy, but also the energy consumption "big", in the "double carbon" background to achieve low-carbon green transformation is imperative, strengthen the data center cooling system low-carbon and energy-saving innovation and practice, promote the green and low-carbon sustainable development of the industry.

During the conference, Dean Xu Wei went to the OaseTECH booth to learn about the solution and application technology of high efficiency module refrigeration room in detail, and gave high praise to the innovative technology and concept of OaseTECH. Dean Xu Wei said that under the background of energy shortage and environmental crisis, the OaseTECH High efficiency module refrigeration room solution is worth promoting to let more people in the industry know. It plays a very good role in promoting the low-carbon, green and high-quality development of data centers.

On the forum site, the "big wheel" in the industry focused on the innovation and development of low carbon and energy saving industry hot spots, through keynote speeches, special forums and other ways to share the latest information of cutting-edge technology, advanced design, efficient operation and maintenance management, and jointly exchange and discuss the development trend of data center cooling and energy saving technology. The meeting atmosphere was very warm.

OaseTECH attaches importance to innovation, advocates energy efficiency, and will put more scientific solutions into the innovation and practice of the industry to reduce carbon and increase efficiency, contributing to the green and sustainable development of the industry!

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