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Grand curtain opening|OaseTECH is waiting for you at 2023 China Refrigeration Exhibition


On April 7, the 34th International Refrigeration, Air conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Food Refrigeration Processing Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "2023 China Refrigeration Exhibition") opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. With the theme of "Focusing on global heating and cooling, Committed to System Innovation", the exhibition has set up nine pavilions with an exhibition area of 103,500 square meters. Many industry organizations and industry experts, such as the United Nations Environment Program and the International Institute of Refrigeration, attended the exhibition and participated in the event beside the beautiful Huangpu River.

OaseTECH booth in the second decade of enterprise development, set up high efficiency module refrigeration room system application, OEM supporting two exhibition areas.

According to the high-efficiency module refrigeration room model and OT-IES intelligent energy display system, which were scaled down by OaseTECH Engineering as the biggest highlights of the booth, BIM design and 3D modeling presented the advantages of scientific, beautiful layout and high integration of the high-efficiency module room most vividly, so that the audience could intuitively feel the system application scheme can also get what they see.

The OT-IES intelligent energy demonstration system installed in the high efficiency module refrigeration room truly simulates the running conditions of the high efficiency module refrigeration room under different working conditions, and uses data to clearly and intuitively demonstrate its excellent energy efficiency improvement performance, which has won the recognition and appreciation of many industry experts and users.

Today, the world is working together to implement global climate governance and promote carbon neutrality under the framework of the Paris Agreement, the Montreal Protocol and other international environmental conventions. Refrigeration and air conditioning, as an industry that accounts for a large share of carbon emissions, is becoming an important role in helping the development of national energy conservation and emission reduction. As one of the important technologies to achieve the goal of double carbon, high efficiency air conditioning refrigeration room is of great practical significance to China's energy security and sustainable development under the background of global energy crisis.OaseTECH will continue to focus on improving energy efficiency, and help China achieve the double carbon goal as soon as possible!


OaseTECH OEM supporting exhibition area is also attracting attention, the scene crowded, a hot scene. The main products exported to Europe are micron-level micro-bubble exhaust decongestating device, pressure tank with tensile process and Mini Exsys household heat exchange unit, which attracts domestic and foreign users to visit and consult.

The exhibition will last for three days from April 7th.

OaseTECH is waiting for you at booth W3-F25. Be there or be square!

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