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Project Overview

As one of the leading high-performance data center and IT infrastructure service providers in China, GDS serves more than 700 large and medium-sized enterprises in China, including China's large Internet giants and major cloud service providers.

Plan and advantages

The high efficiency water cooled fluorine system was customized by OaseTECH for the Universal Data Center. The modular design provides efficient and convenient conditions for the flexible expansion of the machine room. The high efficiency fluorine system helps the Universal Data Center to lay a decisive foundation.

In order to ensure the safety and cost reduction of data center room, Shanghai GDS Data center room refrigeration system in the original central cooling system on the basis of a set of water-cooled fluorine cooling system. The central cold water supply system in the park used as the cold source of the original air conditioning system of the project. The chilled water generated in the central refrigeration station is transported to each machine room through long distance, and the air cooling unit in the machine room is used to cool the room. As the main refrigeration station is set at the edge of the park, the transmission distance is long and the energy usage fee is high.

OaseTECH integrated the water-cooled freon refrigerant circulation system for this project. The outdoor cooling source uses the container maglev water cooling unit, and the cooling tower is combined on the top of the container to save space. Refrigeration system adopts freon refrigerant circulation, the liquid refrigerant is directly transported to the indoor air group, the refrigerant at the end of the throttle evaporation refrigeration, to achieve accurate temperature control in the room; Compared with the traditional water cooling system, the energy consumption of refrigerant conveying circulating pump is only 15% of the water system circulating pump, greatly reducing the energy consumption of refrigeration system.

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