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Project Overview

The Wuxi diesel Engine plant of FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FAW Group Corporation. Founded in 1943, the factory has two engine bases, engine remanufacturing base and modified vehicle development base. As the leading enterprise of automobile engine in China, they have independent intellectual property rights and international advanced engine production lines. In order to ensure that each engine developed can successfully complete the trial production and loading, Yiqi Jiefang tin wood production test room has made a great contribution.

Plan and advantages

OaseTECH provides modular cooling system for Wuxi diesel engine durability bench test platform to ensure the initial preheating start of the testing platform and the recovery and utilization of engine waste heat. All working conditions are intelligently controlled by AI, without the need for personnel to be on duty and provide the best energy efficiency to safeguard the engine testing platform.

The cooling system of engine durability bench test platform is a comprehensive energy system that integrates the three functions of starting preheating, waste heat recovery and plant heating. OaseTECH supplies the core components, including a modular steam-water heat exchanger unit, vacuum exhaust device, pressure maintaining device and condensate recovery device. The steam produced by the factory is used as the heat source on the primary side of the system. At the starting of the test platform, the temperature of the circulating water on the secondary side is raised to an appropriate temperature by the heat exchange unit to ensure the safe and stable start of the test platform. When the engine enters the durability test state, a large amount of waste heat will continue to be generated. At this time, the secondary side circulating water not only acts as the cold source of the cooling system of the engine test platform, but also acts as the heat source of the process intake air conditioning system and the laboratory heating air conditioning system. All the waste heat generated by the engine will be recovered for the heating of the air conditioning system. It is a set of high fit multi-functional energy management system.

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