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Project Overview

The AB block of Sun City Project covers a total construction area of 227,000 square meters, including residential, commercial, education, elderly care, community services and other complexes. The project has a large number of buildings, scattered layout, and complex pipeline network for the whole process from heat production to transmission, distribution and use. The OaseTECH efficient module heat exchange station provides Sun City residents with green and comfortable heat supply guarantee with advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, modular prefabrication and AI intelligent operation and maintenance.

Plan and advantages

Sun City heating station is a typical urban regional central heating system. The heat medium water is provided by the municipal pipe network in the primary network, and the temperature of the water’s supply and return is 95/60℃. The floor radiant heating is adopted in the secondary network. The original design of the project adopts the configuration scheme of traditional heat exchange station, with two plates each accounting for 70% of the total heat load, and three circulating pumps for dual use and one standby. On the condition that the total heat supply remains the same, OaseTECH has carried out a reasonable optimization of the heating system scheme. It adopts three high-efficiency modular heat exchanging units combined with single heat exchanger and pump, each accounting for 35% of the total heat load. The three modules are alternate, reducing the design redundancy from 140% to 105%, which not only reduces the equipment investment but also reduces the power of the pump.

In terms of control strategy, the three modules can operate simultaneously or independently, which can meet the heating demand of different load zones, monitor the running state of the heating system in real time, and make automatic adjustment, so as to ensure the heating temperature and reduce the energy consumption of the system, providing a green and comfortable heating guarantee for the residents of Solar City, and get the praise of the owners of the community and the local heating company.

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