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Industry focus| OaseTECH appeared at 23rd national HVAC refrigeration academic meeting


On April 24, the 23rd National HVAC Refrigeration Academic Conference opened in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province. With the theme of "Building HVAC Future by Focusing on Dual-Carbon Strategy", this year's annual Conference has set up a total of 29 forums and special exchanges covering HVAC and related technology fields. HVAC experts, academics and industry insiders gather to discuss a low-carbon future. 

The conference kicked off in a warm atmosphere. In the context of the current world situation and energy crisis, the HVAC field needs us to continue to carry out technological iteration and innovation, in-depth practice of the two-carbon strategy, and build a more environmentally friendly and efficient HVAC system.

Keynote report on Efficient Energy Centre Practices

Mr. Zhang Jinguo, OaseTECH Industry Director, delivered the keynote report "Practice of Efficient Energy Center" at the main forum of the conference. OaseTECH efficient energy Center program takes intelligent energy system as the core, and applies the design concept of efficient modularization to the energy system. Accurate 3D modeling through BIM design, modular factory prefabrication and on-site modular assembly construction, improve the overall quality of the project and shorten the site construction time. To optimize and design the economical and reasonable installed capacity ratio, combined with the local peak and valley electricity price preferential policy, optimize the transmission and distribution system according to the distribution of energy-using buildings, improve the comprehensive energy efficiency of system operation, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to the early realization of China's "double carbon" goal. The excellent report content is widely recognized and concerned by experts in the industry.

During the conference, experts and leaders from Xu, Jiang and Lu visited the stand of OaseTECH and gave high comments and appreciation to OaseTECH's practice work in the field of high efficiency module machine room over the years.

In the sub-forums of the conference, there were special exchanges on low-carbon and zero-carbon technologies, high-efficiency air conditioning refrigeration rooms and other cutting-edge technologies. Experts and scholars had in-depth discussions on the theme of low-carbon and sustainable development. The on-site sparks and collisions, in a warm atmosphere, provided more valuable thinking for the strategic issue of low-carbon and sustainable development of the HVAC industry, and helped China to achieve "carbon neutrality and carbon peak" at an early date.


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