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Project Overview

Jinsha Lake Grand Theater is located beside the Jinsha Lake. It is full of literary and artistic style. Its body is dynamic and light, just like soft silk. The Grand Theatre is divided into two large functional blocks: a 1,400-seat room for cultural events and a 500-seat multi-purpose hall, which are connected by a shared hall. As a important construction project in striving for the "Luban Award", the EPC of the energy room air conditioning system of the Grand Theater is implemented by OaseTECH. OaseTECH solutions can provide an efficient and comfortable indoor environment of the theater in an intelligent way according to the operational characteristics of the Grand Theater, and realize a green and low-carbon model project with the system energy efficiency > 5.5.

Plan and advantages

The total construction area of Xiasha Grand Theater is more than 43,000 square meters. It is divided into 7 different functional areas according to different functions. The design team of OaseTECH provides intelligent energy supply solutions according to the distribution of functional areas and the characteristics of daily operation of each functional area. The Cooling equipment adopts a high efficiency magnetic suspension chiller and a high efficiency centrifugal chiller to provide air conditioning chilled water, and the Heating equipment adopts two gas boilers to provide heating hot water, and another high efficiency ground source heat pump to switch the cold and hot working modes according to the needs of different working conditions as a cold source and heat source supplement. The whole energy room adopts the modular design concept, which covers only 1/3 of the original reserved room area, greatly reducing the room area. The high efficiency machine room adopts the AI intelligent control system independently developed by OaseTECH to ensure that each equipment can operate automatically and efficiently. While providing comfortable indoor environment for the theater, the comprehensive energy efficiency of the system is higher than 5.5.

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