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Project Overview

Jiangyin Changjiang Tianhe Warm House Project is located in Jiangyin, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. Changjiang Tianhe Residential area, which is considered as a high-end urban improvement community, has a total of 8 houses and 9 high-rise buildings, the highest floor is 26 floors, and the total residential construction area is about 100,000 square meters. It is planned as an urban top ideal residential area. The central heating system in Changjiang Tianhe District is undoubtedly one of the highlights of this project.OaseTECH cooperated with Wuxi China Gas heat Co., LTD(ChinaGas) to provide professional heating solutions for Changjiang Tianhe Warm House project, and successfully signed an EPC project for the central heat exchange station of the community. The heating system uses the municipal steam and obtains hot water through the modular of heat exchanger unit provided by OaseTECH. The indoor heating is provided by radiant floor heating, which realizes the low carbon lifestyle of central heating in South area of Jiangsu and provides a great case for building a constant temperature community in South area of Jiangsu.

Plan and advantages

The Changjiang Tianhe Community Central heat exchange Station adopts a modular design. The project is divided into phase I/II projects, and each phase of the project is divided into high and low zones to ensure the pressure safety of the heating pipe. A total of 4 independent heating systems are designed for the whole community heating system, and each independent heating system is designed with 3 modules of steam-water heat exchanger units. According to the characteristics of municipal steam, spiral tube heat exchanger is used in the heat exchanger units to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the heating system.According to avoid the energy waste of the high temperature condensate water, OaseTECH design a heating exchanger unit though waste heat recovery to improve the temperature of the heating system , totally utilize the sensible heat of the high temperature condensate, reduce the consumption of municipal steam, so as to save energy costs for customers.

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