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Earth Day |Care for the "Earth for All" is not today


April 22, 2023 will be the 54th Earth Day, the international theme is "Earth for All", the Chinese theme is: "Cherish the earth, human and nature live in harmony". It aims to mobilize people all over the world to pay attention to the rapid loss of biodiversity on Earth, climate change and other crises, and stimulate nature conservation action.

Care for the earth, maintain the ecology, protect the environment, is the bounden responsibility of each of us. OaseTECH has always been practicing the concept of low-carbon and green development, with innovative technology and excellent solutions, doing addition for energy efficiency, doing subtraction for the earth, and making unremitting efforts to promote social and economic development, energy saving and carbon reduction!

Every little action today is the best protection for tomorrow. OaseTECH is here to call on everyone to work together to protect our earth home with practical actions!

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