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Project Overview

The National Large Science Facility - Large scale earthquake engineering Simulation Research Facility of Tianjin University is the first national major science and technology infrastructure in the field of earthquake engineering. The large scientific facility has become the world's largest and most powerful seismic simulation research facility for major engineering. It can simulate strong earthquakes with intensity exceeding 9 degrees of fortification acceleration. This is of great significance for ensuring the safety of major projects such as civil engineering, water conservancy, Marine engineering and transportation. It is conducive to the shift from reducing the loss of earthquake disasters to reducing the risk of earthquake disasters, and comprehensively improving the comprehensive prevention capacity against natural disasters.
The project is located in Haihe Education Park, Tianjin, with a total construction area of 76,000 square meters. It is a major national science and technology infrastructure project approved by the National Development and Reform Commission for the construction of the 13th Five-Year Plan, with a total investment of more than 1.5 billion yuan. The most important part of the whole facility is the large seismic simulation shaking table and the underwater shaking table array located underground. The underwater shaking table array not only simulate the ground motion in different locations, but also simulate the wading environment of rivers, ocean currents, waves and so on. It can provide experimental environment and help the construction of Marine "super projects" such as cross-sea Bridges, undersea tunnels, hydraulic DAMS and offshore wind power.

Plan and advantages

OaseTECH provides the important modular cooling system for the actuators of seismic simulation shaking table and underwater shaking table array, ensuring the accurate and stable operation of seismic engineering simulation system.

OaseTECH provides 12 sets of large oil-water heating exchanging devices for the hydraulic system of the actuator of the earthquake simulation shaking table and the underwater shaking table array. The device uses the siphon principle to realize the self-priming function of the water pump, and cooling the hydraulic oil of the actuator through the cooling water in from the underground reservoir to ensure the stable and safe operation of the hydraulic system under different working conditions.

The installation site of the cooling device is located in the second floor underground of the simulation platform. Combined with the actual situation of the site investigation and transportation channel, the cooling device adopts the three-stage modular designation, which enhances the convenience of transportation. After the modular prefabrication in the factory, it can ensure that the original building structure can be smoothly installed in place without damaging the original building structure.
The cooling device is integrated with various high-precision sensors, and the flow of cooling water is adjusted through the circulating pump frequency conversion control technology. The running state of the cooling system is monitored in real time. While ensuring the cold supply of the hydraulic system, the conveying energy consumption is saved to the maximum extent, and automatic operation can be realized without personnel on duty.

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