OaseTECH is very experienced in water and heat supply, and water treatment. The water intake in mining is too simple to guarantee the water quality. A vast amount of water is required nevertheless in each step from mining operation and mineral processing. In order to meet the needs, OaseTECH offers a complete and custom-made solution for water treatment, water supply and heating, which ranges from simple filter of process water to water supply and heating of higher quality for mining towns. 



Air Separator

Dirt Separator
MC decontamination vessel

UV ultraviolet disinfection device

UF ultrafiltration device

Automatic Chemical Feed Unit

Water Make-up Device

Water Softening Device
Exsys modular heat exchanger

Core technologies


Impurities in water are unavoidable
OaseTECH offers solutions for various applications ranging from coarse to ultra filtration

The water is extremely hard in general


Long-distance shipment of supplied water and energy

Pressure, water quality as well as energy efficiency controlling technology from OaseTECH can ease concerns of the users