Ice storage air-conditioning

The ice storage air-conditioning is an energy adjusting system that makes and stores ice in a storage device by consuming valley load power during the night, and melts ice in the daytime to release the cooling capacity, which can reduce power load and installed capacity of the air-conditioner during peak hours. OaseTECH can offer complete solutions from ice storage and melting, cooling water and end users.



Pressure Maintaining Device with Deaeration and water make-up

Water Softening Device

Vacuum Spray-tube Degassing Device

Air Separator

Dirt Separator

Automatic Chemical Feed Unit

Exsys modular heat exchanger

A pressure expansion vessel

VT temperature buffering vessel

Core technologies


The efficiency of low-temperature heat exchange will have a direct impact on sustainability of the system
The professional and efficient energy efficiency optimization technology from OaseTECH will ensure long-term and efficient operation of the system
The impact of rational energy management on the system
OaseTECH’s energy management modules ensure the system can flexibly be adaptable to various complex conditions
Significance of constant water quality for the system
The softening, dosing and air and dirt exhausting modules from OaseTECH ensure reliable operation of the system