The efficiency of heating system or production lines is contingent upon efficient and reliable operation of boilers. Thus, OaseTECH is committed to developing complete solutions for steam, hot water as well as hot oil boilers so that the boiler will keep performing well even under extremely harsh conditions. 



Water Make-up Device

Water Softening Device

Air Separator

Dirt Separator

Automatic Chemical Feed Unit

MS expansion vessel

A pressure expansion vessel

VT temperature buffer vessel

Core technologies


High-temperature liquid imposes direct challenges to safety of the equipment
Professional and reliable design with resistance to high-temperature from OaseTECH ensures long-term and safe operation of the system

The impact of poor water quality on the system

Advanced and perfect softening, dosing as well as gas and dirt discharge modules from OaseTECH ensures efficient operation of the system

The significance of pressure stability for systems
OaseTECH ensures precise and stable pressure of boilers with the help of precise sensors and dual protection modules
Impact of high-temperature waste water on the environment
OaseTECH’s temperature buffer and expansion technology ensures our commitment to environmental protection