System auxiliary

The surest micron-sized spiral magnetic decontamination valve


  • Separation of dirt and discharge after accumulation.
    Maximum working temperature: 110℃, maximum allowable working pressure: 16bar; the maximum customizable design conditions are 180℃ or 25bar.
    For water and water/glycol mixtures (max. 50% glycol).
    Horizontal installation or vertical installation. Threaded connection and exclusion seal. The minimum diameter of removed contamination particles is ≤5μm.
    The dirt content in the circulating water system can be removed more than 98% after three hours operation with a flow velocity of 1m/s.(Laboratory test data)
    The product meets CE standard.
    With a magnetic induction function, the filter element can absorb slight iron particles,powder and other magnetic material.
    General construction, built-in copper filter element with helical structure, and the body is made of brass. 

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