System auxiliary

Microbubble exhaust device

OaseTECH micron spiral decontamination valve can continuously collect dirt in the circulation system, slow down the fouling in the pipeline, reduce equipment wear and pressure loss in the system, extend the service life of equipment, protect precision equipment, effectively protect equipment in accordance with the original design conditions.


  • Separation of dirt assembly after the discharge;
    Temperature resistance 110℃, pressure 1.6MPa; Maximum customized temperature 180℃, pressure 2.5MPa;
    Suitable for freezing liquid content up to 50% system;
    Horizontal installation, vertical installation. Threaded connection, extrusion seal;
    Minimum impurity removal particles ≤5µm;
    After the system circulates for 3 hours (flow rate is 1m/s), more than 98% of impurities in circulating water can be removed (test data).
    Products comply with CE product quality certification standards;
    Universal structure, built-in copper spiral structure filter element, valve body and blowdown valve brass material.

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