System auxiliary

The most efficient spiral micro-bubbles vent valve

OaseTECH spiral microbubble exhaust valve can quickly and effectively remove free gas, microbubbles and dissolved gas from the system, and effectively solve the problems caused by gas in the system such as gas blocking, gas clamor, affecting system safety and thermal economy.


  • After the system circulates for 3 hours (flow rate is 1m/s), more than 95% of the gas in the circulating water can be removed (test data).
    Temperature resistance 110℃, pressure 1.6MPa; Maximum customized temperature 180℃, pressure 2.5MPa;
    Suitable for freezing liquid content up to 50% system;
    Horizontal installation, vertical installation. Threaded connection, extrusion seal;
    Minimum bubble removal 10µm;
    Products comply with CE product quality certification standards;
    General structure, built-in copper spiral structure filter element, valve body and exhaust valve for brass material.

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