System auxiliary

Automatic chemical feed unit

The Automatic chemical feed unit can realize on-line monitoring, precise control as well as remote communication through conductivity, corrosion rate, PH as well as turbidity to meet needs of various users by taking advantage of multiple control options, which totally get rid of scaling, corrosion, and reduced heat exchange efficiency in circulation water, ensure the cleanliness and delivery rate of the water and reduce the loss arising from the dirt discharge of the system. 


  • Compact construction with small size and footprint;
    Highly accurate dosage of a variety of water treatment chemicals and precise control of the concentration of chemicals;
    Highly resistant to corrosion, acid and alkaline, safe and reliable;
    Multiple dosing options for users;

  • Fully automatic control and remote monitor, thus requiring no staff on duty
    Convenient installation and integrated configuration;
    Flexible configuration; different on-line monitoring instruments can be installed based on different users to meet the needs of users to the greatest extent. 


Central air-conditioning water circulating system, industry water circulating system;
HVAC air-conditioning water circulation system, and boiler water heating system;
Wast water treatment for different industries and domestic living;
Landscape water circulating system and pool water system.

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