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Water softening device

The water softening device uses ion exchange principle to remove hardness producing ions such as calcium and magnesium in the water to soften the water and to reduce scaling in boilers and pipelines, which can ensure safe operation of heat supply facilities and improved efficiency of heat exchange. The operation, backbone wash, salt absorption (regeneration), water refill and rinse of the automatic intelligent controlling device. 


  • Water hardness ≤0.03mm/L (standard for boiler) if the raw water is up to the water quality standard of the running water
    Highly automatic with a multiple of control options for the customers;
    Steady water supply;
    High-efficient, low energy consumption and economical manpower
    Highly resistance to corrosion;
    Compact structure with small footprint, reduced capital investment in infrastructure and convenient installation


Suitable for raw water softening in the heating, domestic hot water, utilization of terrestrial heat, centralized heat supply of heating and power plant, and regional heating by boilers, etc.;
Suitable for living water treatment in inns, hotels, apartments, and residential houses;
Suitable for raw water softening in power, petrochemicals, ferrous metallurgy, paper-making, food processing, aerospace, maritime, automobile as well as residential heating, etc.;
The required pressure of raw water is 0.2MPa. 



ferrous metallurgy



food processing




residential heating

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