System auxiliary

Micro-bubbles deaeration and decontamination device

With the combined advantages of Air Separator micro-bubbles exhausting device and Dirt Separator micron dirt separator, the Twin Separator micro-bubbles exhaustion and decontamination device can quickly and effectively remove free gas, micro-bubbles, and dissolved gas in the system, while at the same time continuously collecting dirt in the circulation system and easing the dirt accumulation within the pipelines. 


  • The discharge rate of primary gas produced by water flowing through the air release assembly is 80%;
    The gas content will be reduced by more than 50 percent after system’s operation for 4-6h;
    The gas content in the system can be reduced to 0.4% after the operation for a certain period of time;
    The dirt can be discharged after being separated and collected at the same time when the air is released;
    The dirt content will be reduced by more than 96 percent after 50 cycles (with the flow rate being 0.5m/s);

  • Suitable for systems with the refrigerating fluid reaching 50 percent;
    The minimum bubble that can be removed is 10μm, the minimum particle of impurity that can be removed is 5μm;
    Conforms to PED/DEP 97/23/EC(CE);
    General construction with stainless steel filter cartridge consisting of diamond-shaped mesh; the barrel is made of carbon steel and applied with quality powder; the air release valve on the top is made of brass;
    The pressure loss is so small that the water flow rate will not affected. 


Suitable for heating, domestic hot water, utilization of terrestrial heat, centralized heat supply by the power plant, regional heating by boilers, ice storage air-conditioning as well as refrigerating and heat exchange, etc.; 
Suitable for power, petrochemicals, ferrous metallurgy, paper-making, textile, food processing, aerospace, maritime, automobile as well as domestic heating (refrigerating), etc.; 
Used to protect the equipment with lower pressure, or that is prone to produce gas due to thermal devices, and is sensitive to the dirt in the system. 



ferrous metallurgy



food processing




domestic heating (refrigerating)

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