System auxiliary

Pressure Maintaining Device with Deaeration and water make-up

OaseTECH pressure maintaining device with deaeration and water make-up can be applied in heating, regional heating, refrigerating, as well as solar energy to monitor the pressure in real time, which can precisely and steadily control pressure and realize automatic gas discharge and water supply.


  • Effectively adjust the pressure fluctuation caused by the expansion or contraction of the system water due to temperature change;
    Pressure replenishment and pressure relief are carried out inside the equipment, which can effectively prevent the waste caused by the overflow and supplement of the system water.
    It can effectively avoid the rapid aging of the equipment caused by the uninterrupted operation of the water pump;
    Closed structure to ensure water quality from external pollution;

  • The diaphragm tank keeps the pressure in the tank consistent with the atmospheric pressure, and uses Henry's law to remove the gas in the water.
    No additional manual maintenance is required after installation, and regular routine inspection is required to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
    The pure closed structure completely solves the open system easy to be affected by external factors such as air and installation of high expansion tank problems.

Application field

Suitable for freezing liquid content up to 50% system;
Optional data modules can be used to connect to the building automation system;
Applicable to heating, domestic hot water, geothermal utilization, thermal power plant central heating, boiler district heating, ice storage air conditioning system ice storage and refrigeration heat transfer system;
Applicable to power industry, petrochemical industry, iron and steel metallurgy, paper, textile industry, food production, aerospace industry, automobile industry and civil heating (refrigeration) and other industries.

power industry

petrochemical industry

iron and steel metallurgy


textile industry

food production

aerospace industry

automobile industry

civil heating (refrigeration)

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