System auxiliary

Compressor-controlled pressure maintaining device with single air compressor

OaseTECH’s compressor-controlled pressure maintaining device (comtec) is controlled by the air compressor, and used to accurately maintain pressure for heating, central air conditioning and cooling water systems, and can be widely applied in heating, refrigerating, cooling and solar energy systems.




Allowable working


  • Precisely constant the system pressure

    Monitors the system pressure in real time and uses air com compressor and deaeration solenoid valve to control pressure, the expansion water will flow to/from the CT vessel.

  • Automatic water-supply、Automatic drainage

    Monitors level of the CT vessel in real time and signal outputs when the make-up water level(Ll) in the CT vessel is not reached. Activate the Water make-up device in the system, the signal is a passive signal.
    Monitors level of the CT vessel in real time and opens when the drainage water level (Ld) in the NT vessel is not reached.
    The adjustable volume of CT vessel is up to 95%. The controller meets the CCC and the CE standard.
    Allowable working temperature: 0-70℃
    Allowable ambient temperature: 0-45℃
    Protection grade: IP54

Application field

Suitable for heating, domestic hot water, utilization of terrestrial heat, as well as refrigerating and heat exchange, etc.; 
Suitable for petrochemicals, paper-making, textile, food processing, aerospace, automobile as well as domestic heating (refrigerating), etc.




food processing



domestic heating (refrigerating)

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