Self-circulation Chemical Filter


Frame material: Aluminium Alloy

Power Consumption: 150-400w

Noise Level: 49-53dB(A)

Siding: Spraying steel plate/Stainless Steel plate

Air Output: 1000m3/h-2500m3/h

Input Power: 1ph/220V/50Hz

Control System: DC Inverter and continuously viable


For airborne molecular contamination, the processing efficiency can reach 97% equipped with dc variable frequency fan, which has the advantages of safe operation, low energy consumption, low noise and flexible adjustment.

Equipped with LCD touch screen control panel, the operation is clear and simple.

Different processing media can be customized for different processing targets such as organic stinky gas, acidic gas, and alkaline gas.


Control of indoor air quality, such as computer room, laboratory, office, etc.