On the morning of July 25, OaseTech management team members, marketing elites and dealers were gathered at the scenic Santai Mountain Resort. The 2020 OaseTechMarketing Conference was grandly held by the West Lake.

At the beginning of the conference, General Manager Ray Chen gave awards to the excellent sales team and after-sales team in 2019.

In 2019, OaseTech achieved outstanding results cause of the efforts of team members, and their excellent performance in 2019 was fully recognized.


General manager Ray Chen Presented Awards for Excellent Teams

Ray Chen lamented: 2020 is a very extraordinary year. At the beginning of the New Year, a war without smoke was launched on the land of China. The virus quickly spread to the whole country, and China's economy was forced to press the pause button. The spread of the epidemic cannot block the sunshine from all over the world. During the epidemic, OaseTech donated 10 tons of disinfectant, 1 ton of medical alcohol, 12,000 medical masks and 600 goggles to the affected areas. OaseTech has always been committed to its social responsibilities.

He said: in the past time, a group of OT people who can undertake responsibility, commit to innovation, chase excellent, OT people are exploring the market, solving the problems of technique and enterprising diligently hand in hand. They also still maintained a steady development and achieved good results in the tough market economy environment.

Finally, Ray Chen analyzed and explained the overall strategic layout of the company and made a plan for the future development. He deeply analyzed the successful factors of market development, asked all regions to deal with problems with a high standard attitude, enhanced the awareness of marketing service, and under the new market environment, combined with the actual problems of each agency, strengthened implementation and flexible application.

Then, departmental managers gave detailed introduction to all participants on different dimensions, such as after-sales service, technical research and development, capacity planning, sales strategy, etc., and answered questions and talked on the spot for some problems encountered in the work.

On the morning of July 26, the grand sales signing ceremony opened the prelude of the second day's conference. Sales director James Huang signs contracts with regional sales leaders. During the signing process, all the regional representatives showed good state and morale. Their goals are that they eliminate customers' worries, achieve sales achievements and become the first in the industry. We believe that they will surely create a new future for OaseTech by their concerted efforts!

Sales Director James Huang signs Contracts with Salespersons.

Next, company's management team, representatives and dealers were discussing, giving feedback and analyzing on the production status, technical problems, sales model and other dimensions. the Ray Chen presided over the whole meeting and gave reasonable suggestions. Near the end of the meeting, Ray Chenemphasize again: the sales team membersshouldkeeplearning continuously, improving professional ability. Each department should keep high level of consistency with the company's overall guidelines during the progress of daily work, put service, guest satisfaction and brand influence in the first place.

After the conference, participants went to Gudun Road, Xihu District to visit the project examples. The project site is: Hangzhou Tianmuliwisdom exhibition project. Ray Chen personally conducted training and explained the application of our efficient module heat exchanger room in this project.

Tianmuli, Hangzhou

Efficient Module Heat Exchanger Room


Ray Chen Explained Carefully


This marketing conference pointed out the direction and unified the ideas for OaseTech development. Innovative OaseTech people dedicated to their duties, and forge ahead in their daily work. This is an era of win-win cooperation. OaseTech continues to upgrade management model and strategic planning. In this diversification era, it will always strive to lead the industry to a new level of development!